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Transsion Makes All Efforts to Help China’s Diplomacy Obtain Mutual Benefit and Win-win Situation
Date : 2017-08-30 11:27

8 years ago, when first designated by Transsion to Kenya in Africa to open up the new markets, Wang Chong met Mwale, a Nairobi local who was distributing advertising flyer on the street. The fates of these two companies were intertwined the moment these two individuals shook their hands. Over the years, Transsion has focused on emerging markets such as Africa and India. It successfully obtained more than 40% of the market share in Sub-Saharan African countries, and has been favored by local consumers. Together with Transsion’s growth, Mwale's company became one of the top 10 advertising companies in Kenya and its business has been expanded to other African countries.

8 years later, the two gentlemen brought the win-win story of their companies to "Prevailing of the Great Principle", the very first episode of CCTV’s political feature documentary Great Power Diplomacy, and gained massive attention.

Recently, Great Power Diplomacy, a six-episode large-scale political feature documentary series was officially launched in CCTV’s comprehensive channel. Jointly produced by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV, the documentary gave a panoramic view of the path of the diplomacy with Chinese characteristics since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The first episode, "Prevailing of the Great Principle"showcased the magnificent practices of Chinese diplomacy in new era on basis of outlining basic theoretical framework of the diplomacy with Chinese characteristics. As a vivacious case in the development of the China-Africa diplomatic relations, Transsion’s story in Africa vividly interprets Chinese companies’ firm belief in mutually beneficial cooperation, which is sharing development experience, driving developments during self-development and practicing earnestly the development creed of " Together to Win".

Made in China Connects the World

With the establishment of a new opening-up strategy outlined by the Belt and Road policy, African countries have been important partners for China in practicing the strategy of "mutual support and development with developing countries ". Guided by the principles of "sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith", China unswervingly implements the "Ten Cooperation Plans" between China and Africa to establish a new positioning of China-Africa comprehensive strategic partnership. Transsion has been in Africa for nearly a decade and has devoted itself to the endless possibilities of African market. The company has the determination and confidence in long-term development in emerging markets like Africa. For many years, Transsion has been dedicated to meeting local consumers’ demand for products and services as well as working with local partners and consumers to seek common progress.

Idea determines the direction and thought decides the action. As one of the first companies that responded to China’s “enabling enterprises to going abroad” policy, Transsion confirmed its mission when it was first established. The company has been committed to providing mobile communication products and Internet services that would be well received by local consumers from emerging markets. Based on China's mobile phone supply system, Transsion has manufactured affordable and high quality products by taking Africa market’s consumption ability into consideration. This is inseparable from Transsion's focus on consumer experience and innovated local development. In response to the most pressing needs of consumers and unique demands of African people, Transsion has added innovative elements to its products, such as long lasting batteries, optimized camera for darker skin tones, localized language, dual-sim and etc. As a result, Transsion has not only won African people's trust and welcome but also fully boosts the development of local emerging mobile communications industry.

Created in China Benefits the World

In addition to commercial progress, Transsion is also concerned about the local economic and social construction.Their concept of diplomatic cooperation and win-win has made contributions to the improvement of local economy and people's living standards. During the shooting of the documentary series Great Power Diplomacy, the CCTV production team espeicially visited Transsion’s manufacturing plant located in Ethiopia of Africa and office building in Nairobi, and collected a large amount of video materials about Transsion’s Chinese and local staff. In the half-month shooting period, Transsion not only showed the professional and technical training of the local staff and the contribution to driving local employment, but also showcased how the company, by virtue of its own brand influence and huge market share, successfully attracted a number of African local talents to return home for construction, and benefit their local economic and social development.

More importantly, with Transsion’s business expansion in the African market, their local partners have also jointly achieved business prosperity. Upholding the "win-win" concept, Transsion focuses on local development. In this process, Transsion established a complete channel system and developed their local channel partners and agents Africa to provide them with profitable business solutions. In return, their local channel partners, operators have also greatly helped Transsion’s local expansion. As said by Mwale, Transsion's partner and Kenya advertiser, in an interview with the production team that, "We are growing together, and I think it's a win-win situation”.

Connection of Transsion Dream, China Dream and Global Dream

Win-win relationship, the essential of cooperation between Transsion and their African partners, is also the of epitome for China's exporting enterprises to vigorously practice the Belt and Road initiative and South-South Cooperation, and more importantly themeaning for the connection of China and the world with joint prosperity. China is playing a significant role in the world connection. By leveraging its worldwide diplomatic footprint, China has achieved the full coverage of the partnership with great powers, surrounding and developing countries. Furthermore, Chinese culture of advocating and seeking harmony is also showing stronger appeal.

Today, Transsion is also expanding towards other emerging markets such as the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Dedicated to Africa for nearly 10 years, Transsion provides a new perspective on China's development, China's foreign policy, and even on the “sense of gain” brought for China and the world in recent years. Transsion hopes to promote China's business growth with other developing countries, and also creates more possibilities for foreign trade cooperation. At the same time, Transsion will further expand the global emerging markets, and develop more localized products and services on basis of a deep insight into the local market trends and consumer demand. To achieve it, Transsion hopes to promote industry development, and support the relationship between China and foreign countries with its own experience.