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The Delegation of Ethiopian Airlines and Media Group Visit Transsion Holdings
Date : 2017-08-07 11:11

To enhance the mutual communication as well as cooperation, the delegation of the branch of Ethiopian Airlines in Guangzhou together with reputed media houses, which are Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), China Global Television Network(CGTN),CNBC,Metro TV and Jeune Afrique, visit Transsion’s office in Shenzhen.

Besides enhancing mutual communication with Transsion, Ethiopian Airlines also wishes that with the help of the “One Belt One Road” initiative introduced by the Chinese government, the strategic cooperation between each other will be further strengthened, and become a model of China-Africa business cooperation in African air cargo market development as well as African economic development.

During the meeting, Mr. Arif Chowdhury, Vice President of Transsion Holdings, gave an overall introduction of Transsion's ten-year history, corporate culture, its brands and products as well as its performance in emerging markets to the delegation and media group. After the introduction, the attending media held an on-the-spot interview to Mr. Arif Chowdhury, focusing on Transsion's performance in African market, future plan and corporate social responsibilities, etc.

Ms. Mungai, journalist from CNBC Kenya, asking questions about the localization of Transsion in African market to Mr. Arif Chowdhury, Vice President of Transsion Holdings

Talking about Transsion’s performance in African market, Mr. Arif Chowdhury said:” Transsion has been always following the philosophy of ’Think globally, Act locally’ and the core value of ‘customer-centric.' We always prioritize on meeting the different consumer needs in local market and try to improve the consumer experience, whether it be R&D, design, production, sales orafter-sales service.”

Mr. Arif Chowdhury, Vice President of Transsion Holdings, introducing the CSR of Transsion to media

As a responsible enterprise, Transsion is committed to building up a sustainable ecosystem together with our employees, partners and local consumers. Guided by this principle, Transsion has been working hard to pay back to local community and consumers and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. For example, in January 2016, TECNO lighted up Computer Village in Ikeja, Nigeria with nearly 100 solar-powered street lights; ever since September 2016, Infinix set aside 500 US dollars per month to buy some basic living supplies for an orphanage where one of the Infinix employees was raised. In addition, we accompany the children, showing them movies about China to provide them a chance to know more about the world; in March 2017, Kenya was suffering a severe drought, more than 2.1 million people were affected. We immediately donated KES 2,000,000 worth of daily necessities to affected areas.

Group photo of the delegation of Ethiopian Airlines, media group and Transsion’s management team

In the future, Transsion will keep enhancing the collaboration between its strategic partners including Ethiopian Airlines to achieve win-win outcomes and do the best to pay back to local community.