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Shenzhen Transsion Headquarters Building Officially Signed and Kicked off
Date : 2017-08-04 16:23

After intense preparation in the early stage, Shenzhen Transsion Headquarters Building was officially signed recently, which means that construction of the project was officially kicked off. Shenzhen Transsion Headquarters Building is located in Liuxiandong headquarters base of Xili Sub-district in Nanshan District (about 150 meters from Liuxiandong Metro Station of Line 5), one of the key areas that Shenzhen Municipal Government develops Headquarters Economy. On April 25 this year, Transsion successfully went for this land by way of bid invitation, auction and listing.

Shenzhen Transsion Headquarters Building project costs more than 500 million with a total construction area of 75,000 square meters, accommodates up to 4000 to 5000 people at the office. Currently, the cadastral surveying and detailed geological survey are completed. The conceptual design and construction site clearing work are in progress. The main part of the project is expected to be completed by 2020 and put into use in 2021. The new building will serve as Transsion Shenzhen headquarters, to receive employees in Shenzhen office and, as a global hub, bear each business unit’s management, research and development, design, etc.

Adopting the international advanced green technologies, from the selection of raw materials to the overall design, the entire building follows the pattern of eco-intelligent, with a green coverage of 10%. The staged lighting design provides better ventilation and convection, while improving light utilization to reduce energy consumption. Compared to the other super high-rise office building, the energy saving rate of Shenzhen Transsion Headquarters Building is 20% higher. This building generally reaches national green building three star standard and American WELL systems gold category.

With technological appearance and employee-oriented internal function planning, Shenzhen Transsion Headquarters Building will become the regional technology center, the international communication window and the green landmark. Meanwhile, the completion of this building is an evidence of Transsion’s accumulative efforts over a decade, also showcases Transsion’s goal to go global. Fueling journey for the next decade, Together We Can!