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TECNO WinPad10 Launched under the Auspices of Minister of Egypt CIT
Date : 2016-08-21 11:29

August 2016, in Grand Nile Towers Hotel, TECNO Mobile has officially unveiled today the inauguration of EDU-TEC initiative and launching Winpad. Under the auspices of Mr. Yasser Al Kady, Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, the launch event came to a close. In addition, a group of international and local companies such as Orange, Intel, Nahdet Misr, Bank Misr, Microsoft and Maktabtak were invited, which has deepened their long-term partnership with TECNO.

Mr. Yasser Al Kady, Minister of Egypt CIT

The WinPad10 combines educational resources with high technology. It’s not only a comprehensive educational tablet, but also a premium product equiped with latest advanced technologies. WinPad10 represents the wave of innovation of Egyptian education. On the one hand, it has helped to strengthen the cooperation between private enterprise and Egyptian government. On the other hand, the educational initiative meets the needs and requirements of the enhancement of the Egyptian education system through adopting the latest advanced technologies.

Launch event

The Minister praised TECNO’s presence in the Egyptian market especially in the field of manufacturing. He also highlighted "The support of the ministry of telecommunications to “TECNO Mobile’s” educational initiative EDU-TEC and educational tablet WinPad10.

Launch event

The WinPad 10 tablet includes high technical features that helps make the education curricula of added value and more effective to the students and this is what we are looking for in the Egyptian education to use modern and innovative educational tools to avoid the mistakes of traditional education.

Through our strategic partnership with  “Orange” the product will be available in all Orange Egypt branches, also Orange enterprise department is strongly cooperating with schools, promoting the product will be through these schools and our partners “ Intel-Microsoft-Nadet Misr- Bank Misr and Maktabtak”. Customers can buy with installments and without interest, the student can get a tablet with internet service bundle for free for three months on Online bundles starting from 25, 50, 200, 100 with the Orange system "buy one get one" , through which a student can download educational materials provided for free from Katapedia in addition to downloading the rest of available subjects’ materials for different grades starting from grade four till the end of the preparatory level for many subjects such as Arabic, Social studies, Mathematics and Sciences”.

“The inauguration of the educational initiative EDU-TEC and tablet WinPad 10 is considered a new phase in deploying modern technology to participate in developing education in Egypt and we have put in consideration the prices to lessen the burden on the Egyptian families”.

Information technology has greatly affected the education sector, where using technology tools participated in changing the ways and techniques of education followed in schools and universities and the trend of education now is “ Interactive online education system”, where this product will be released in Egypt for the first time then we will expand to Middle eastern and African countries mentioning that TECNO Mobile gives great attention to the Egyptian market as it is its regional center”.

Picture with partners