Career and Talent Development

TRANSSION supports employees to improve their professional competence with accurate training programs in accordance with their personalities and job requirements. Meanwhile, TRANSSION provides more development opportunities for employees. And through a fair and open review procedure, employees can compete for promotion.

  • Talent Cultivation

    Resources deployment to speed up the cultivation of talents for critical positions.

  • Work Guidance

    Supervisors will pay attention to the performance of employees. They always guide and encourage employees in daily work.

  • Job Rotation

    Employees can rotate their work at the same level to broaden horizons, enrich work experience and gain larger development space.

  • Individual Development Plan

    Supervisors guide employees to work out a reasonable individual development plan according to their career orientation.

  • Training

    Based on the standard of work positions and related demands, specific training is designed to help employees to acquire more management and professional knowledge.

  • Skill and Ability Assessment

    Supervisor regularly assesses skills and abilities of employees to make a foundation for further cultivation.