Compensation and Benefits
  • Insurance and Housing Fund

    In order to provide a healthy life and reduce house purchasing pressure, we offer advantages including pension, medical insurance, unemployment fund, maternity insurance and housing fund.

  • Afternoon Tea

    Employees can enjoy a variety of fruits and cakes during afternoon-tea time so as to relax themselves and communicate with coworkers.

  • Meal Allowance

    Employees are entitled to enjoy lunch allowance.

  • Paid Vacation

    All employees are entitled from 5 to15 days of paid annual leave per annum after the completion of the first working year, in addition to public holidays, marriage leave, prenatal check-up, paternity leave, lactation Leave, etc.

  • Festival Benefits

    Employees can receive special gifts for traditional festivals such as Women's day, Dragon-boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival etc.

  • Accidental Injury Insurance

    Company provides accidental injury insurance up to 500,000RMB for each case.

  • Annual Activity Funds

    In order to enrich employee's spare time, develop team building and enhance team spirit, each department is provided with a certain amount of annual activity funds.

  • Employee Activities

    Employees can join company's badminton, basketball, soccer and Ping-Pong clubs to enrich leisure time, strengthen communication with colleagues, and shape corporate culture.

  • Medical Examination

    Employees have benefit of medical examination every year.

  • Employee Training

    Employees can join internal and external training, online training, outdoor activities and so on.

  • Transportation Expense for Visiting Relatives during Spring Festival

    Company will reimburse transportation expense for visiting relatives during Spring Festival.