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Afmobi was established in 2010. As the only mobile internet business of TRANSSION, Afmobi is dedicated to exploring Africa market by delivering the most localized mobile internet services. Adhering to the brand philosophy “Share Happiness & Fun for African users via our services", Afmobi specially develops an instant messenger called Palmchat for African users (a social networking app that combines picture sharing with online dating). Palmchat allows users to establish new contacts, discover new interests and embrace a new life based on LBS. By December 2016, the number of Palmchat registered users reached 130 million. Another product called Palmplay is an app store that has both online and offline channels, providing African customers with digital contents such as Android apps, games, videos, e-books for download. By December 2016, the number of Palmplay registered users exceeded 35 million, with over 3 million downloads monthly.