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Since its establishment, TRANSSION has been moving forward and growing exponentially. It has made remarkable achievements, gained high recognition among the industry and attracted extensive attention from international communities.
  • 2006

    In 2006, TRANSSION HOLDINGS was established, TECNO was launched.


    In July, TRANSSION HOLDINGS was established in Hong Kong.

    In August, Set up a consumer electronics research & development center. In the same month, the first mobile phone, TECNO T201, was successfully launched.

    In September, set up a design institute in South Korea, adopting world top class industrial design into TECNO's products. At the end of this month, TECNO T100 was launched and impressed the whole market straight away.

    In October, set up a new technology research institute in France, always keeping abreast of most advanced telecommunication technologies in the world and applying it to TRANSSION's devices; TECNO Mobile was highly praised in Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition).

    In November, embarked on its global marketing network plan and engaged in developing localized telecommunication devices that are suitable for different markets.

    In December, set up an office in Shun Hing Square, Shenzhen.

  • 2007

    In 2007, first factory set up in Shenzhen, launched itel.


    In January, officially launched a second mobile brand itel, TRANSSION started a dual-brand strategy.

    In February, TECNO launched 5 new models simultaneously in the global market; itel launched its Fun series.

    In July, the factory in Futian, Shenzhen went into service with an annual production capacity of 3 million handsets.

    In November, TECNO launched its first dual SIM mobile phone T780, also the first Dual SIM mobile device in Africa, honored as "Original Dual SIM".

  • 2008

    In 2008, approach identified: focus on Africa and develop a multi brand strategy.


    In June, set up its first office in Africa--Nigeria Office.

    In July, decided to enter Africa market after comprehensive consideration and started developing Africa-focused brand marketing.

    In September, the launch of TECNO T570 achieved great success, became a representation model in Africa market. More than 10 copies of T570 appeared in the market at that time.

    In October, built up a management system in Eastern and Western Africa, and set up offices in 7 countries on the continent.

    In December, TECNO launched its first four SIM mobile phone“4 Runner”, highly praised by customers.

  • 2009

    In 2009, second factory in Yantian, Shenzhen went into operation; after-sales service brand Carlcare was born.


    In April, TECNO launched T71, the first mobile phone with QWERTY keyboard in Africa.

    In May, set up its second factory in Yantian, Shenzhen with an annual production capacity of 12 million handsets.

    In July, TECNO T72, the first mobile phone in Africa with TV, was launched.

    In August, TECNO launched its first African mid-range business-oriented mobile phone, T770.

    In September, TECNO launched its first African mini business-oriented mobile phone with QWERTY keyboard, 0707.

    In December, TECNO launched its business series together with a new model named “SYSTEM” (T950), which became the most popular top class business-oriented mobile phone in Africa.

  • 2010

    In 2010, TECNO ascended among the top three mobile brands in Africa.


    In January, TECNO launched two models, K30 and K50.

    In March, TRANSSION launched its own after-sales service brand, Carlcare. TECNO launched T7, equipped with a unique and innovative rotatable navigation key, which was used in TECNO products for the first time.

    In April, Carlcare service center in Nigeria went into service as the largest after-sales service center in the country.

    In May, the third Factory in Beishan, Shenzhen, went into service. The total production capacity has increased to 20 million handsets annually.

    In July, as a result of outstanding marketing performances in Africa market, TECNO has been entitled as the exclusive partner of MediaTek in Africa, the world's top chip supplier; Set up a mobile internet department in order to bring more mobile experience to African users.

    In August, TECNO launched its first touchscreen mobile phone T9, which became extraordinarily popular in Africa.

    In September, TECNO launched its first model of IRONMAN series, T616.

    In December, total annual sales volume reached 6.5 million handsets.

  • 2011

    In 2011, TECNO was honored as“NO.1 Dual SIM Mobile brand in Africa”.


    In January, the launch of TECNO HD11, first model from TECNO “HDsee” series with high definition IPS screen technology, achieved great success. TECNO became the first manufacturer adopting IPS screen in Africa.

    In July, TECNO's product portfolio with 7 series was determined during mid-year meeting; the brand itel launched its second series “Music”, with its first music model “X1”.

    In August, according to market research, TECNO has become the NO.1 dual SIM mobile brand in Africa.

    In September, TECNO's brand concept "Experience more" was born; Afmobi launched its apps platform T-ZONE.

    In October, TECNO was awarded as "Customers' Most Trusted Brand" for 2011-2012 in Ghana. Afmobi launched an email app AF pushmail.

  • 2012

    In 2012, launched smartphone brand Infinix; established mobile internet company Afmobi.


    In January, launched Infinix, a high-end mobile brand for smart devices only.

    In February, TECNO launched its first Android smartphone, T1.

    In April, TECNO partnered with Opera by launching an Opera model for Internet surfing; Afmobi launched a brand new instant messaging app Palmchat.

    In May, TECNO partnered with Qualcomm and launched T3, its first device with Qualcomm chipsets.

    In June, TECNO partnered with MTN Nigeria and sponsored the Opening ceremony of Nollywood held in the country; the first TECNO exclusive shop opened in Nigeria.

    In July, TECNO partnered with Facebook; TECNO and Startime co-launched a TV phone, TV70.

    In September, TECNO partnered with Etisalat Nigeria and Safaricom Kenya.

    In November, Experts and officials of MCIT (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology) in Ethiopia visited our company; TECNO started cooperation with Spinlet and 2GO, part of TECNO phones are pre-installed with these two softwares; TECNO partnered with airtel Nigeria. Afmobi launched Flash Share that is pre-installed in TECNO and Infinix smartphones.

    In December, TECNO started cooperation with airtel Uganda and airtel Kenya. The total annual sales volume reached nearly 20 million handsets.

  • 2013

    In 2013, achieved great success in smartphone market and gained a favorable reception.


    In February, itel launched its smartphone series iNote, targeting at Africa market with high product performance and reasonable price.

    In March, itel introduced its first Android smartphone iNote mini; Infinix Mobility entered Nigeria market.

    In April, TECNO released its first QWERTY smartphone.

    In May,
    on 7th ,TECNO partnered with Etisalat to release a Etisalat-customized feature phone T341, and a smartphone P3.
    on 17th , TECNO partnered with Etisalat to release its flagship smartphone Phantom A+, one of the most popular smartphones in Nigeria for year 2013.
    on 20th, Infinix entered France market.
    on 27th, Infinix unveiled Race Eagle smartphone in Nigeria.
    on 28th, TECNO and Airtel launched a smartphone N3, and a feature phone T340 in Uganda. itel and Airltel Uganda unveiled the smartphone iNote mini.

    In June, Infinix Mobility launched a tablet, JOYPAD.

    In July, itel launched its second smartphone, iNote Beyond, which was sold very well in East and West Africa.

    In August, Infinix and Airtel Nigeria launched new smartphones, Race Max Q and Race Bolt Q. Infinix launched another RACE smartphone in Nigeria. Infinix was launched in Saudi Arabia. itel and Airtel Uganda unveiled iNote Beyond.

    In September, TECNO and MTN released the feature phone T341 in Uganda; TECNO partnered with Etisalat to launch its flagship tablet Phantom PAD in Nigeria. A consumer research revealed that the brand awareness of TECNO in Africa is as high as 94%.

    In October, TECNO and MTN unveiled two smartphones in Uganda, P3 and Phantom A+. itel and Airtel Nigeria introduced the customized it2060 and an upgraded version of Beyond. TECNO held “Groundbreaking Ceremony” in the ICT industrial park in Ethiopia. The number of Palmchat registered users exceeded 10 million.

    In November, TECNO released a new smartphone family "Live Smart”. In Q4, TECNO has become the second best-selling brand in Nigeria and Kenya, and its market share was ranked third in Ghana and Tanzania. TECNO entered Egypt market. TECNO partnered with Airtel to launch two smartphones, P5 and D1, and a tablet Phantom PAD mini in Nigeria. Infinix and Airtel launched two smartphones, RACE Max Q and RACE Bolt Q, in Nigeria. itel released its third smartphone, iNote Heron. TECNO partnered with Etisalat to launch its second flagship smartphone, Phantom AIII, in Nigeria.

    In December, TECNO partnered with MTN to release smartphones M7, M5 and M3 in Nigeria. itel and Airtel launched it2060 in Nigeria, the model was one of best-selling products in Nigerian operator channel. itel and MTN Guinea unveiled it2060 in Guinea. The total sales volume of itel increased to 12.5 million. Infinix launched smartphone RACE MAX Q in France. TECNO and MTN released smartphone P5 in Uganda. Infinix launched tablet JOYPAD in Saudi Arabia.

  • 2014

    In 2014, established an accessories brand Oraimo.


    In January, TECNO carried out "Talk and Clean" campaign to reduce e-waste. Afmobi established its self-operating channel in Ethiopia. The number of Palmchat registered users exceeded 15 million.

    In February, the first batch of itel VIP stores were set up in Mali, Rwanda and Nigeria. Oraimo, the mobile phone accessories business, started to build its team.

    In March, TECNO Phantom A+ was awarded "The Most Popular Smartphone of The Year”by MOBILE WORLD in Ghana. Palmchat with Android 4.0 update went online with a new UI.

    In April, the first shipment order of mobile phone accessories for the Nigeria market was confirmed.

    In May, TECNO partnered with Ministry of Youth & Sports to sponsor "Ghana to Brazil" World Cup campaign. The independent mobile phone accessories brand Oraimo was officially introduced and its official website went online.

    In June, Afmobi created billing SDK and developed billing channel cooperation. Palmchat partnered with Goal, a popular Nigerian game website to open a public account.

    In July, Ramadan Campaign in Egypt achieved great success and its Facebook fans had reached over 200,000 within six months. Oraimo finished its first OEM product development. The mobile website (Af1234.com/helloaf.com) began to convert traffic into profits, and had 3 advertisers that brought incomes. Palmchat cooperated with Miss Nigeria and became a major partner of the official beauty pageant. Daily active users and registered users of Palmchat exceeded 2.5 million and 30 million respectively.

    In August, Oraimo's flagship store in Kenya opened. Mobile website Af1234.com added “Oh My Giggle”, a new module for users to generate contents.

    In September, TECNO accomplished to develop more than 860 KOM stores in sub-Saharan Africa. Infinix ZERO, the first e-commerce smartphone in Africa, was launched with the total sales volume of more than 132,500. Palmchat 4.3 and its store function came online; also, its original dynamic emoticons were available for download.

    In October, Palmchat 5.0 project kicked off with a brand new structure and interface design.

    In November, TECNO won the International Quality Crown Award in the Gold Category in London. itel's sales volume in Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire broke the historical record and the partnership with Zambian operator achieved a significant breakthrough. Infinix's second e-commerce product “HOT” made a new record of online sales right after the press conference. Palmchat 5.0 Demo was launched, DAU exceeded 3 million.

    In December, TECNO was awarded "The Most Promising Brand" and "Top Emerging Brand" at Ghana's Top Brands Awards. TECNO and itel respectively ranked 15th and 72nd Most Admired Brand” by African consumers according to African Business magazine. itel expanded to 25 countries. Infinix held a product launch conference in cooperation with SOUQ, the biggest e-commerce brand in Middle East, which was a successful market entry, 8,490 phones were sold that day. Oraimo's first flagship store in Nigeria opened. Afmobi established its self-operating channel in Kenya.

  • 2015

    In 2015, expanded to India market, established a home appliance brand Syinix.


    In January, itel merged Zhanyang research & development team.

    In March, Infinix HOT Note, its first mobile with “2 days” standby was launched in both Africa and Middle East. Boom Player, a music app developed by TECNO, went online.

    In April, the monthly sales volume of itel in Cote d'Ivoire reached 200,000 units.

    In May, TECNO Phantom Z was awarded "The Smartphone of The Year" by GTA for 2015. TECNO sponsored "2015 Kenyan Blog Awards", which is the only event that honors and showcases the best Kenyan blogs. itel cooperated with Orange, the world famous mobile operator, and launched a co-branded phone, Orange it2100 KADUDA, which generated over 100,000 of sales volume within a month.

    In June, TECNO provided educational materials and stationeries to pupils from public schools in Lagos and offered N100,000 scholarship respectively to three excellent pupils. Infinix HOT Note was launched in Indonesia. Oraimo has successfully entered Safaricom stores, the Kenya's largest mobile operator, taking up more than 80% share of its power bank segment. Home appliance brand Syinix was established.

    In July, itel participated to the International Fair of Kinshasa, the only large-scale international exhibition in DRC, and the International Fair of Rwanda. Oraimo sponsored the African chapter of the Commonwealth Boxing championships.

    In August, Infinix cooperated with Google and launched Africa's first Android One smartphone Infinix Hot 2 in Nigeria. itel sponsored Etisalat football competition in Nigeria. Cameroon's famous TV station ABK had an exclusive interview about itel's products. Palmchat cooperated with Nigeria's largest sports newspaper “SPORTS”to open a Palmchat column.

    In September, TECNO participated Uganda's largest annual trade fair, Uganda Manufacturers Association. At the same time, TECNO entered Zimbabwe market. itel explored market in North Africa and Southeast Asia. East Africa's largest maintenance factory from Carlcare was built in Nairobi, Kenya.

    In October, itel entered Bangladesh, it5230 generated 15,000 units of sales as soon as it was introduced. Oraimo cooperated with Nigeria's Popular TV station "Channels TV" , participating in tech program named "TECH TREND" , the video was broadcasted on TV and Youtube synchronously.

    In November, famine widespread in Ethiopia because of drought, TECNO took the main role in donating 1 million birr to local government. Infinix launched Hot Note 2 in Nigeria.

    In December, Infinix launched ZERO 3. Syinix became the exclusive sponsor of Lagos local TV station for 2015-2016 New Year's Eve shows. PalmPlay registered users reached nearly 20 million. Palmchat registered users reached nearly 100 million.

  • 2016

    In 2016, TRANSSION achieved remarkable accomplishment in emerging markets with each of its sub-brands highly praised
    and favored by consumers.


    In January, the first “Infinix House”, combining office and experience store, was opened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    In February, Zero3, the latest product of Infinix, was launched in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    In March, TECNO DroiPad 7C Pro was launched; TECNO SPOT, an online community for users, was officially launched; Boom J8, TECNO's first smartphone running its own operating system-HiOS was launched.

    In April, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia visited TRANSSION’s factories in Ethiopia; Registered users of Palmchat reached 100 million.

    In May, TECNO launched its first smartphone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow — TECNO W4; TECNO L8, the battery beast, was released in Kenya; TECNO DrioPad 8II and PhonePad 7II were launched in Nigeria; TECNO was rewarded the Most Popular Mobile Brand of The Year at the 6th GITTA (Ghana Information Technology & Telecom Award); Infinix won the award of 2016 Best New Comer Brand in Indonesia.

    In June, the camera focused device TECNO Camon C9 was launched; Infinix won the award “Mobile Phone Brand of the Year 2016”in Nigeria; Infinix launched the X Earphone and its activity tracker X Band to celebrate the one year anniversary in Indonesia.

    In July, TECNO’s first flagship store in Ibadan, Nigeria was opened; TECNO cooperated with “GOGE Africa”to develop teenager’s innovation abilities; TECNO sponsored “Miss Tourism”in Nigeria; Infinix hosted the launch event of Hot S in Jakarta, Indonesia and Cairo, Egypt; Carlcare after-sales service centre was officially opened in Vietnam; Syinix TV was launched.

    In August, TECNO officially inaugurated the EDU-TEC program and launched the educational tablet — WinPad 10; The monthly sales volume of itel Tanzania broke its record; Together with Jumia, Infinix hosted the launch event of NOTE3, X Band and X Earphone in Kenya; Infinix won the award of the Most Innovative Smart Phone Brand of the Year given by Technology Africa; Oraimo expanded to Dubai, Ghana and Sudan.

    In September, the representatives of Chongqing Administration for Industry & Commerce visited TECNO Mobile’s office in Egypt; TECNO Phantom 6 & 6 Plus , flagship of the year, were launched in Dubai; itel hosted the 1st Miss itel in Mali; Together with Jumia and MTN, Infinix launched NOTE3, X Earphone and the operating system XOS in Ghana.

    In October, TECNO Kenya hosted the launch event of Phantom 6 & 6 Plus, flagship of the year, in cooperation with the country’s biggest communications company SAFARICOM LIMITED; Infinix marched into Vietnam and released NOTE3,HOTS,HOT4 as well as X Earphone.

    In November, TECNO signed a contract with ICT to establish its first factory in Egypt; Together with Jumia, Infinix launched its 2016 flagship, ZERO 4, in Kenya;Infinix marched into Uganda and became the strategic partner of Kilimall, the leading E-commerce website; TECNO WinPad2 was launched.

    In December, TECNO’s first exclusive store in Egypt was opened; TECNO EDUTEC DroiPad7C Pro was launched in Egypt; The registered users of Palmchat and Palmplay reached over 130 million and 20 million respectively.